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Hi folks! Here is the fifth FiddleBop newsletter, the second during 2013. We are sending this out a bit earlier than planned because we'd like to warn you that one of our gigs has been cancelled. We wouldn't like you to come to see us then find we are not there! (Badly put, but I guess you know what I mean...)

The cancelled gig would have been this evening, Monday 28 Jan, at The Broad Face in Abingdon. This had to be cancelled since the landlord is disposing of the pub. A replacement gig in Abingdon is planned, date TBA. We'll keep you informed!

Before you do set out for any of our gigs, it is a good idea to check the gig listing on the FiddleBop website (/gigs.html) before setting out. This is always kept up to date.

As always, we hope that you are happy to receive this newsletter. If not, email us at

See you at a gig soon! :-)

Dave and Jo

Gypsy jazz re-imagined!



All the best!

Dave and Jo

Gypsy jazz re-imagined!