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Hi there: summer greetings from FiddleBop! Yes, some warmer weather did finally get here. About time too! And of course, the perfect complement to all this long-awaited summer heat is a cool drink with hot jazz from FiddleBop...

We have a good few gigs - or should that "a few good gigs"? - lined up, in venues small and large (bigger than a pub anyway). The latest list is below. But always remember to check the gig listing at /gigs.html before setting out. We hope to glimpse your smiling-and-possibly-sweaty face at a FiddleBop gig soon!

And we finally managed to do some recording, courtesy of Steve White. Thanks, Steve! FiddleBop recorded eight demo tracks, more or less live, mostly during one Saturday in May. Dave is still tidying these up, but they will be ready "real soon now" (and where have you heard that before?) There will be more about the recordings in the next newsletter (There, that has set me a deadline...)

Finally, we hope that you like receiving these newsletters. If not, then email us at

All the best! Enjoy the summer while it is here!

Dave and Jo

Gypsy jazz re-imagined!



All the best!

Dave and Jo

Gypsy jazz re-imagined!