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NEWSLETTER 10 (9 October 2013)

Hi there, friend of FiddleBop!

OK, so autumn is definitely here. Dark evenings. Rain, wind and falling leaves. Even a bit of wintry cold at times (tho' I don't think our kittens have noticed the cold yet, they always find the warmest spot for miles around, a blanket or bed. Or wherever I want to sit).

But a miserable time of year? No! It's the perfect time for a cosy pub with a fire blazing, good beer, and FiddleBop hot-gypsy-jazzing for your delight and edification!

Speaking of which, how about coming along this evening (OK, that's not much notice, I admit) to The George Inn, Lower Brailes, Warwicks? That's Saturday, 9 November 2013... from 8.30 pm FiddleBop will be rhythmically resounding from the bar-room beams in the friendly and comfortable George! Hope we see you there!

More gigs are listed below, and on the always-up-to-date gig list at our website. There are several more before the winter 'quiet time', and our 2014 calendar is filling nicely, including some new 'uns for FiddleBop, such as Upton Jazz Festival next June (no doubt in fantastic summer weather :-), I can hardly wait).

Also we are still busy with recording. We'll be putting together a CD (yes, they still exist; mainly because they are convenient objects to sell at gigs, probably...) so more about this in a future FiddleBop newsletter. In the meantime, have a listen to our recent demo if you have 12 minutes to spare.

OK, we'll be getting our PA (including our glossy new PA speakers, they are Mackie C300Zs if you are nerdy enough to be interested) out from its under-the-stairs home soon, ready for this evening's gig. So that's all the chat for now. On to the FiddleBop gig listings! Remember: please check our FiddleBop website before setting out for any of these, since gigs do get cancelled and timings do change.

Have a good rest-of-the-autumn! See you soon!

Dave and Jo

Gypsy jazz re-imagined!


When is it? Venue, occasion, whatever... Where is it?
8 pm, Saturday 9 November 2013
The George Inn
Lower Brailes, Warwicks. This is a nice and welcoming pub! And another new one for the FiddleBop four... Landlady Vicky says that we'll be playing in the fireplace :-) So let's make it a hot night with some searing solos and roaring rhythms!
7 pm, Friday 15 November 2013
Private party at the Falkland Arms
Great Tew, Oxon. This is not open to the public, sorry.
8.30 pm, Tuesday 26 November 2013
The Trout Inn Lechlade-on-Thames, Glos. A new venue for us, we are looking forward to saying hello to the nearby Thames as we burst forth with some hot choruses of FiddleBop favourites!
8.30 pm, Friday 29 November 2013
The Norman Knight Whichford, Warwicks. Another chance to catch FiddleBop here at Dave and Jo's local, and partake of an evening to remember! You might even get to hear landlord Tim joining us on percussion...
4.30 pm, Sunday 9 March 2014
The Nag's Head Abingdon, Oxon. This will be a good 'un! It's south we go, to new territory for FiddleBop. Abingdon here we come!
Saturday 28 June 2014 (TBC)
Summer fete at Rosebank Care Home
Bampton, Oxon. More details to follow
7.30 pm, Saturday 28 June 2014
Upton Jazz Festival
Upton-Upon-Severn, Worcs. All the way north to the banks of the Severn, what a jape!
Monday 25 August 2014
The Norman Knight Whichford, Warwicks. Following the Whichford Flower Show and Fete, we have FiddleBop!
Saturday 13 September 2014
Private party
Long Compton, Warwicks. This is not open to the public, sorry.
September 2014 (TBC) Chippy Jazz And Music 2014 The Red Lion, Albion Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon. Back again at our very own local jazz festival, which is always a high spot in our year! CJAM gets better and better each time... don't miss it!

For up-to-date info on FiddleBop's small doings, see

All the best!

The four FiddleBoppers (Dave, Jo, Roger, and Martin)

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Gypsy jazz re-imagined!