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NEWSLETTER 12 (23 April 2014)

Hello XXXX!

The sun is shining and the birds are singing, there is a bit of blue sky visible and we even have the windows open slightly! Could it be that spring has really arrived? Hope so!

It's still a bit on the cool side for playing outdoor gigs, but don't let that put you off from seeing FiddleBop live (but indoors). In just three days time (Saturday 26 April, actually) we are returning to the wonderful Norman Knight pub in Whichford, Warwicks. Tim Young is mine host there, and he might even join us on his cajón (if you don't know what one of these is, then come along and find out. Oh OK, yes you could always look it up on Wikipedia. There, I've made it easier for you lazy ones...) It is always a fun night at the Knight: see you there?

FiddleBop gaze into the middle distance

There are lots more gigs listed on our website, and below. More in our home area, then we're off to the far north east (Northamptonshire, actually) on Sunday 11 May (The Walnut Tree Inn, Blisworth). Then back down to darkest southern Oxfordshire - ooo arrr, they be funny down thereabouts - for a return visit to The Nag's Head, Abingdon on Sunday 15 June (thanks, Lloyd!)

Two forthcoming FiddleBop gigs that we are all particularly excited about are Upton Jazz Festival (in Upton-Upon-Severn, near Worcester) on Saturday 28 June, and - just confirmed - Le QuecumBar ("The World's Premier Django Reinhardt Gypsy Swing Venue": they said that, not us) in South London on Sunday 3 August. Wow! It's going to be a summer to remember! We can hardly wait!

Dave and Jo

PS Sometimes you might also find a FiddleBopper or three at these jazz jams:

Gypsy jazz re-imagined!


When is it? Venue, occasion, whatever... Where is it?
8.30 pm, Saturday 26 April 2014
The Norman Knight Whichford, Warwicks
3 pm, Saturday 3 May 2014
Charity gig* for Great Rollright school
Great Rollright, Oxon.
Midday, Sunday 11 May 2014 The Walnut Tree Inn Blisworth, Northants.
c. 9.30 am, Saturday 17 May 2014
Charity gig* for Hook Norton Library
Hook Norton, Oxon.
8.30 pm, Saturday 24 May 2014
The Norman Knight Whichford, Warwicks
4.30 pm, Sunday 15 June 2014
The Nag's Head Abingdon, Oxon.
11.30 am, Sunday 22 June 2014
Chipping Norton Festival
Chipping Norton, Oxon.
7.30 pm, Saturday 28 June 2014
Upton Jazz Festival
Upton-Upon-Severn, Worcs.
2 pm, Saturday 5 July 2014
Summer fete at Rosebank Care Home
Bampton, Oxon.
8 pm Sunday 3 August 2014
Le QuecumBar "The World's Premier Django Reinhardt Gypsy Swing Venue"
42-44 Battersea High Street, London SW11 3HX
1 pm, Sunday 17 August 2014
The Terrace at Upton House (National Trust)
c. 6.30 pm, Saturday 23 August 2014
Swerford Village BBQ
Swerford, Oxon.
Monday 25 August 2014
The Norman Knight Whichford, Warwicks
1 pm, Sunday 31 August 2014
The Terrace at Upton House (National Trust) Warwicks
Saturday 13 September 2014
Private party
Long Compton, Warwicks.
Sunday 28 September 2014
Chippy Jazz And Music 2014 The Red Lion, Albion Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon.

* Charity gigs may not involve all four FiddleBoppers.

For up-to-date info on FiddleBop's small doings, see

All the best!

The four FiddleBoppers (Dave, Jo, Roger, and Martin)

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Gypsy jazz re-imagined!