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NEWSLETTER 14 (29 July 2014)

Hiya XXXX -- how has this marvellous summer been for you? Are you nicely tanned by now? Suitably chilled and rested yet? If not, how about relaxing with a looooong iced drink whilst you read FiddleBop's Newsletter 14...?

So now that you have drink in hand and have calmed down, what next? How about musing creatively and expectantly about the rest of the season, the lazy and balmy still-to-come late summer months, filled with blissful evenings of al fresco living? With every day seeming as if the summer will never end? With long evenings, perfect for hot gypsy jazz in the cool air following the day's heat... is that what I hear you say? OK! So what do we FiddleBoppers have lined up for you, in the way of hot sunshine-filled gypsy jazz?

The next biggy for FiddleBop is Le QuecumBar ("The World's Premier Django Reinhardt Gypsy Swing Venue") in London (42-44 Battersea High Street, London SW11 3HX, to be precise). When? Next Sunday evening: that's Sunday 3 August... in just 5 days time! Le Quecumbar is a "relaxed, informal, brasserie offering dining with a touch of cabaret". Le Que hosts live music from some of the world's finest gypsy jazzers, so we are both honoured and humbled to be playing there. Tickets are £8 in advance, £10 on the door. Doors open at 6 pm for an evening of fine food and drink, and hot hot hot FiddleBop-style gypsy jazz!

Those FiddleBoppers again!

We'd love to see you there, we can hardly wait... If you can't come along yourself, do you have friends in or near London who fancy next Sunday evening in "a unique 1930′s Parisien style live music brasserie", ears regaled by FiddleBop?

Onto more local gigs: on Friday next (1 August) our warm-up gig for Le Quecumbar is at The Butcher's Arms, Balscote. Why not join us for an intimate and relaxed (well, as relaxed as we ever get) evening, with good food and great beer provided by Ken the landlord?

And then we have a number of return visits: we're again playing on the Terrace at the National Trust's glorious Upton House (1 pm on both 17 and 31 August), we are back at The Norman Knight, Whichford (courtesy of Tim the helicopter-pilot landlord) on the occasion of Whichford Flower Show (25 August), and then on 28 September FiddleBop are back at The Red Lion, Chipping Norton as our contribution to CJAM 2014. And more gigs are in the offing as I write...

So what about the summer so far? Well, back in June FiddleBop had a fine time at Upton Jazz Festival. We were playing at The Star Inn, right by the waterside. The weather wasn't quite good enough for us to play outside (shame!), but we packed 'em in to the pub's upstairs room... And before that, our bit for Shipston Proms 2014, playing at the The Howard Arms, Ilmington, was a whole bundle of fun.

Right, I feel the need to go and play my fiddle! (I can hear Jo playing her guitar in another room of our hobbit-hole-in-the-sky as I write this...) Enjoy the late-summer sunshine! See you at a FiddleBop gig?


Gypsy jazz re-imagined!


When is it? Venue, occasion, whatever... Where is it?
8.30 pm, Friday 1 August 2014
The Butcher's Arms
Balscote, Oxon OX15 6JQ
8 pm, Sunday 3 August 2014 Le QuecumBar "The World's Premier Django Reinhardt Gypsy Swing Venue" 42-44 Battersea High Street, London SW11 3HX
1 pm, Sunday 17 August 2014
The Terrace at Upton House (National Trust)
Warwicks OX15 6HT
c. 6.30 pm, Saturday 23 August 2014
Swerford Village BBQ
Swerford, Oxon.
c. 6 pm, Monday 25 August 2014
The Norman Knight Whichford, Warwicks CV36 5PE
1 pm, Sunday 31 August 2014
The Terrace at Upton House (National Trust) Warwicks OX15 6HT
7 pm, Wednesday 10 September 2014
The Gateway Club
Rugby Club, Chipping Norton, Oxon OX7 5UY
Saturday 13 September 2014
Private party
Long Compton, Warwicks.
1 pm, Sunday 28 September 2014
Chippy Jazz And Music 2014 The Red Lion, Albion Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon OX7 5BJ

This list is correct at the time of writing, but the list of gigs on our website is always up to date. And for the latest and greatest, most up-to-the-second info on FiddleBop's small doings (can you stand to wait for it?), see

All the best!
The four FiddleBoppers (Dave, Jo, Roger, and Martin)

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Gypsy jazz re-imagined!