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NEWSLETTER 16 (2 November 2014)

Hello XXXX -- it's raining as I write this, and a bit chilly, and it gets dark earlier and earlier each day. FiddleBop's quiet season of repose and reflection is almost upon us, but we've still got a few hot-and-steamy gypsy jazz gigs for your delight and delectation before our winter lay-off :-)

And the first of these is today, Sunday 2 November! So if you can dodge the raindrops, why not arrive pristinely dry and elegant at The Nag's Head, Abingdon OX14 3HX? (Or even arrive soaking wet, if you lack superhuman powers?) FiddleBop will be kicking off at 5 pm: we'll drive the November dampness away! Two hours of 'jazz swing... with a gypsy zing', so do you dare be elsewhere? On bass today we have the redoutable Esther Ng, who is doing another gig before her FiddleBop one (and possibly one other gig afterwards, if anyone needs a bassist this evening. Seriously, folks)

Firework night sees FiddleBop at The Norman Knight, Whichford CV36 5PE. And fireworks we promise,once we start playing at 8 pm! Mine host Tim may not be a Gunpowder Plotter, but he's a good guy! And he'll make you more than welcome with fine ales and fine wine and finer food, and not a thumbscrew or a hanging-drawing-and-quartering in sight (unless you ask behind the bar, that is)... Matt Watson joins us on bass for this one. And so does Charlie Fothergill, on clarinet!

FiddleBop's final gig of 2014 is something different for us: the 'Art Cafe' at Great Rollright Village Hall (OX7 5SW)! This event is a collaboration between six local artists who are exhibiting art, ceramics and jewellery. Plus there is live music and excellent food to be consumed and enjoyed! FiddleBop are providing the live music on the opening evening, from 7 pm on Friday 14 November, but the event continues on the Saturday and Sunday. So how about a multi-sensual feast, with some hot gypsy swing feasting your ears? See you there, we hope! Esther is on bass for this (after doing several other gigs earlier in the day, I'm sure. Where does she get her energy?)

So then we'll see you again in 2015! We've a good few gigs arranged plus more in the pipeline, including Le QuecumBar ("The World's Premier Django Reinhardt Gypsy Swing Venue") in London on Sunday 29 March 2015. There are videos of our last gig at Le Que on our website, if you want to sample the ambience...

Finally, a sad paragraph. Roger Davies has been FiddleBop's (mostly) regular double bass player since the beginning. Roger's earth-striding foundational arpeggios have propelled us along at gig after gig. But all good things must come to an end, and Roger has departed for pastures new. For me, Jo and Martin it is business as usual, with friends such as Esther and Matt providing those low notes in forthcoming gigs. But who knows what the future holds, bass-wise?

Time to go, gotta get ready for that Abingdon gig. Guess what? It's stopped raining! :-)


Gypsy jazz re-imagined!


When is it? Venue, occasion, whatever... Where is it?
5 pm, Sunday 2 November 2014
The Nag's Head On The Thames Abingdon, Oxon OX14 3HX
c. 8 pm, Wednesday 5 November 2014
The Norman Knight Whichford, Warwicks CV36 5PE
7 pm, Friday 14 November 2014
'Art Cafe' at Great Rollright
Village Hall, Great Rollright, Oxon
8 pm, Sunday 29 March 2015
Le QuecumBar "The World's Premier Django Reinhardt Gypsy Swing Venue" 42-44 Battersea High Street, London SW11 3HX
Saturday 13 June 2015
Private party
Whichford, Warwicks
2 pm, Saturday 20 June 2015
Summer fete at Rosebank Care Home Bampton, Oxon
Sunday 21 June 2015
Chipping Norton Town Festival 2015
Chipping Norton, Oxon.
8 pm, Sunday 4 October 2015
Le QuecumBar"The World's Premier Django Reinhardt Gypsy Swing Venue" 42-44 Battersea High Street, London SW11 3H

This list is correct at the time of writing, but the list of gigs on our website is always up to date. And for the latest and greatest, most up-to-the-second info on FiddleBop's small doings (can you stand to wait for it?), see

All the best!
Dave, Jo, Martin

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Gypsy jazz re-imagined!