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NEWSLETTER 27 (11 September 2017)

Helo XXXX!

No, "helo" isn't a spelling mistake. It's Welsh for "hello" of course!

Which is my not-so-subtle way of saying that I'm writing this in Wales, with Welsh rain rain beating on the window as I look out onto Welsh trees on a Welsh hillside... (Who said that it rains a lot in Wales?)

Jo mowing the grass in our back garden

Yes, Jo and I have finally moved to Wales. On the right, there's Jo on a sit-on lawnmower-cum-tractor, mowing our back garden. That was last Saturday, when it wasn't raining.

But there is more to Wales than just rain and hills! Here's some Welsh for you:

"Mae sibrydion fy marwolaeth yn anghywir"

which means — of course — "The rumours of my death are untrue" (thanks, Google Translate). Not my death, but FiddleBop's death, that is. FiddleBop is alive and kicking and in fine fettle, despite two of us living in Wales and two living in Oxfordshire. What's a few miles between friends?

And to prove that FiddleBop Lives, we've a goodly selection of gigs lined up for your delight and edification. Starting with...

FiddleBop at North Parade Night Market, 13 September 2017 North Parade Avenue, Oxford, where it is all happening...

"Roll up, roll up, roll up... Only one more left, madam! Thank you, m'dear! And here's another last one!"

Don't you just love street markets? All that buzz and banter. And especially at night, and especially with "hot jazz Jazz with Gypsy zing" as the musical backdrop! So you can have all this and more, when FiddleBop return to the far-famed Night Market in Oxford's North Parade.

Cheese (yum!) on sale at North Parade Night Market, Oxford

North Parade Market began in 2012, and has become one of the most highly regarded markets in the Oxford area. It's mostly focused on food: there's a great selection of breads, vegetables, fish, meat, cheeses, local organic produce, preserves and more. Much of the produce is local, including stuff which you just won't find on the shelves of your local supermarket. And from 7.30 pm on Wednesday 13 September 2017 (that's just two days' time), FiddleBop will be playing at the night-time incarnation version of this much-loved market: North Parade Night Market (North Parade Avenue, Oxford, Oxon OX2 6LX).

The Veg Van at North Parade Night Market, Oxford

So get your taste buds ready for superb food and drink and get your ear buds (is there such a thing?) ready for superb foot-tappable scintillating songs and tunes from the FiddleBop four!

It's free entry of course. And with The Rose and Crown — one of our very favourite pubs — conveniently to hand, this really is an offer you can't refuse. See you there?

Coates House Cafe-Bar, Nailsea FiddleBop at Coates House, 27 September 2017

What's next? How about meeting in the middle? (No politician jokes, please. And don't mention Brexit.)

On Wednesday 27 September 2017 FiddleBop does just that. Meet in the middle, that is. Half goes go east, while the other half of FiddleBop goes west. (No, for the last time: we are not splitting up. That's not what I meant by "goes west".)

It's a warm welcome at Coates House Cafe-Bar, Nailsea

From 8.15 pm, at Coates House Café-Bar (91 High Street, Nailsea, Bristol BS48 1AW) — a new venue for FiddleBop — we'll be making the walls ring with hot gypsy zing and passion!

Great food being prepared at Coates House Cafe-Bar, Nailsea

It's free entry at this, the equally-friendly sister establishment to one of our favourite venues (Theoc House, in Tewkesbury).

And what's on offer at Coates House? Brilliant freshly cooked food, continental and local draught beers, a carefully crafted wine list, quirky soft drinks, and more. Add in some of FiddleBop's smasheroo swing, and we have the recipe for a party...

We can't wait!

FiddleBop at Earlswood Live Jazz Supper Evening, 7 October 2017

Next it's time to go north! From 7 pm on Saturday 7 October 2017, it's "Earlswood Live Jazz Supper Evening" (Earlswood Village Hall, Shutt Lane, Earlswood, Warwicks B94 6BZ).

This will be something special, for sure! Tickets are £10 from Fiona (01564 703674), from Jean (01564 703239) and from Earlswood Village Hall.

The last FiddleBop gig (no, dammit, we are not splitting up!) that I'll mention in this newsletter is our return to Coates House Café-Bar (91 High Street, Nailsea, Bristol BS48 1AW). Again, free entry and a great friendly welcome here!

Right, that's all for now. In a couple of months, another FiddleBop newsletter will arrive in your inbox. Until then:

Welwn ni chi cyn bo hir, mewn gig FiddleBop, XXXX?

(In English: See you soon, at a FiddleBop gig, XXXX?)

All the best!


Gypsy jazz re-imagined!

Future FiddleBop gigs!

This list of gigs is correct at the time of writing, but the list on our website is always up to date.

The gig! When is it? Venue, occasion, whatever... Where is it?

FiddleBop at North Parade Night Market, Oxford, 13 September 2017 Free entry!

7.30 pm Wednesday 13 September 2017 North Parade Night Market

North Parade Avenue
Oxon OX2 6LX

Phone01865 510551

FiddleBop at Coates House, 27 September 2017 Free entry!

8.15 pm Wednesday 27 September 2017

Coates House Café-Bar

Coates House Café-Bar
91 High Street
Bristol BS48 1AW

Phone01275 858062

FiddleBop at Earlswood Village Hall, 7 October 2017
Tickets £10 from Fiona (01564 703674), from Jean (01564 703239) and from here

7 pm Saturday 7 October 2017

Earlswood Live Jazz Supper Evening

Earlswood Village Hall
Shutt Lane
Warwicks B94 6BZ

Phone01564 703674

FiddleBop at Coates House, 29 November 2017 Free entry!

8.15 pm Wednesday 29 November 2017

Coates House Café-Bar

Coates House Café-Bar
91 High Street
Bristol BS48 1AW

Phone01275 858062

Tickets TBA

12pm Sunday 3 December 2017

The Walnut Tree Inn

The Walnut Tree Inn
21 Station Road
Northants NN7 3DS

Phone01604 859551

Tickets TBA

8 pm Wednesday 21 March 2018

Leam Jazz
Leamington Spa

Leam Jazz
Leamington Rugby Club
Kenilworth Road
Leamington Spa
Warwicks CV32 6RG

Phone07919 210510
Phone07860 951147

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The FiddleBoppers (Dave, Jo, Martin, and Roger)

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Hot Jazz Gypsy jazz re-imagined!

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