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Jo at a gig. Photo: Judy Waldman Dave at a gig. Photo: Judy Waldman

FiddleBop: sparkling songs and terrific tunes with blended voices, soaring violin and powerful-but-intricate guitar! From days long gone, and written just yesterday... all lightly seasoned with wit, repartee and banter.

And wowie-zowie, do we live in exciting times for FiddleBop!

Sadly, the first version of FiddleBop disbanded in December 2017 after thirteen years as a very successful hard-gigging gypsy jazz band. Gigs included:

FiddleBop (mark I) live at Le QuecumBar

But... long live FiddleBop! Following a move to Wales, Jo and Dave are hard at work on a new musical venture, a new FiddleBop: this time playing jazz-folk swing with Gypsy zing!

Along with the shift in musical emphasis, FiddleBop v2 also has a change in lineup and instrumentation.

We've already done a couple of gigs with just the two of us, but we're greatly looking forward to future gigs (and recordings) with other musicians joining us. There are some surprises in store, folks...!

So how about having FiddleBop play live at your event or party? Male and female vocals, violin and guitars; and our own high-quality PA and lights. We cost less than you might think! Why not email us or phone us (01982 560726 or 07968 950870) for a quote?

Finally, our sincere thanks to all those who came to our FiddleBop (first version) gigs, during a hugely memorable thirteen years. We loved making music for you in FiddleBop (mark I).

Next: what makes FiddleBop different?

Jazz-folk swing with Gypsy zing!