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Why FiddleBop is different

So... what makes FiddleBop different from other Gypsy jazz bands?

FiddleBop, seriously?

"Jazz of the best, but still with a jest." Creating music is what we love to do. But we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We in FiddleBop always have fun playing the music that we love. Which means that the audience has fun too!

"The blended voice is FiddleBop's choice." We love harmony singing. Now, vocals are common in modern Gypsy rumba bands like The Gypsy Kings, but they were not in Gypsy jazz bands of the 1930s. Vocal harmonies are still rare in gypsy jazz. But we in FiddleBop really enjoy blending our jazz voices!

"Jazz from all times. Everything's fine!" We FiddleBoppers have wide-ranging musical tastes. So FiddleBop's sets include plenty of Gypsy jazz classics, as well as standards (and musical surprises too) from all periods of jazz. Danceable ditties from the early New Orleans years; the gin-soaked jazz of Fats Waller; romantic Cole Porter ballads from the swing era; beret-and-goatee-wearing beboppish compositions; and even folk and contemporary songs and tunes.

"Hot jazz stomp, mais sans la pompe". Our approach to rhythm is different... Gypsy jazz in the time of Django Reinhardt was played with a rather rigid accompaniment called 'la pompe' ('the pump'). FiddleBop prefers a more fluid, flamenco-like style. Which underpins FiddleBop's powerful rhythmic drive, our exciting and sizzling version of hot gypsy swing. Our FiddleBop beat for gypsy feet!

And what is it that we share with all other swing and Gypsy jazz groups? That's easy: the sheer joy of creating music.

Next: do you want to know how we got started?

Swing with Gypsy Zing!