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Here are some snippets of songs and tunes recorded by the first (now disbanded) version of FiddleBop. Watch this space for recordings by present-day FiddleBop!

One lazy Saturday back in April 2013, we all went to Steve White's elegant rural studio and recorded these songs and tunes. Thanks very much, Steve and Sharon! We enjoyed the lunch a lot too...

Autumn Leaves For Norm St Thomas and Drowsy Maggie

Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma/Johnny Mercer)

For Norm (Dave Favis-Mortlock)

St Thomas/Drowsy Maggie (Sonny Rollins/Irish traditional)

Dark Eyes Jo's Gypsy Jazz 1

Dark Eyes (Russian, 19th century)

Jo's Gypsy Jazz 1 (Jo Davies)

Click here to download an mp3 version of our April 2013 demo (7MB). It's about 12.5 minutes long, and includes the above songs and tunes, plus a couple of others.

If you have the bandwidth (no pun intended!), there is a better-quality (but 25MB!) version of the demo here . And you can also listen to the demo on SoundCloud.

Jazz with Gypsy zing!