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FiddleBopper Paul Stevens

Keyboard wizard Paul Stevens And the man has green fingers too! Paul's lovely garden

Even without a pointed hat, it's easy to see that Paul is a wizard!

Brecon-based keyboard wiz Paul Stevens joined FiddleBop in 2018. And his playing is magic!

Well-travelled Paul has played keyboards in lots of bands, in many countries and even on the high seas (the "Moonlight Sonata" on the Southampton to Brittany ferry, to be precise). He is equally at home playing jazz, blues, ska, rock and pop. And the man sings too, both solo and in harmony. And plays guitar, and composes...

Now with added beard! Paul on keyboard: a sunny day, summer 2020

When not tickling those ivories, Brecon-based Paul can be found relaxing in his urban garden (we loved the beans, thank you Paul), or singing in his community choir. He is also an accomplished potter.

Jazz with Gypsy zing!