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Guest FiddleBopper: Hannah Porter

Hannah at a FiddleBop gig

Hannah Porter played in the first version of FiddleBop, which disbanded in December 2017.

Hannah Porter, a-fluting

Guest musician Hannah Porter is a multi-instrumentalist: she's equally at home on the flute, piano, and violin. Hannah has been playing for over twenty years in various outfits and bands in the Bristol area and in the Midlands, putting her highly versatile talents to great use in a wide variety of musical styles, including classical and jazz.

And we FiddleBoppers are more than happy to have the multi-talented Hannah as our guest! Her flute playing has graced our gigs on quite a few musically memorable occasions. Thank you Hannah!

So come along to a FiddleBop gig when Hannah is our guest (see the gigs page for details), and hear her fluent flute's fine filigrees...

Jazz with Gypsy zing!