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FiddleBopper Dave Favis-Mortlock

Hey-diddle-diddle, it's Dave and his fiddle

Dave Favis-Mortlock (yes, that really is his name) plays violin and sings with FiddleBop.

Playing violin jazz is his passion, but he has played many other kinds of music.

Mortlock and Underwood poster (vintage). Dave is at the front

Dave's musical past includes playing folk music with The Rollright Stones in the late 1970s, then folk-blues with guitarist Frank Underwood as the duo Mortlock and Underwood. Then Dave co-founded Brighton-based folk-punk band Tricks Upon Travellers in the mid 1980s, and in the 1990s moved to Oxford and played "mediaeval and renaissance pub music" with trio Westron Wynd.

FiddleBop's gypsy jazz keeps Dave busy nowadays, but he still finds time to do occasional folk-rock gigs with Pete Watkins' Originals. He also plays viola for Adderbury Village Morris Men.

Dave at a FiddleBop gig, 2015. Photo by <a href='' target='_blank' style='color: #bf80ff;'>Reuben Beau Davies</a>

Dave is a self-taught violinist. He had a desire (not confessed to anybody, not even to himself) to play jazz violin since his teens, when his Mum bought him a Stephane Grappelli record. But he had no real idea how to begin. With a new century came a new resolution: so firmly believing that "Even the thousand-mile-road has a first step", Dave resolved to learn something of the art of jazz improvisation on the fiddle. He is still learning, but getting there.

When not making music, Dave is a geomorphological modeller currently based at Oxford University. He enjoys hypothesising, procrastinating (tho' he is thinking about giving this up), and being married to Jo.

Swing with Gypsy Zing!