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Guest FiddleBopper: Mike Bennett

The well-travelled Mike Bennett, FiddleBop's guest double bass player

Mike Bennett was a guest musician for the first version of FiddleBop, which disbanded in December 2017.

So there you were, at a FiddleBop gig. Just who, you might ask, was that much-travelled man playing double bass? Why, the masterful Mike Bennett of course! And Mike has been around, for sure.

Mike Bennett being masterful (and possibly modest)

Mike is living proof of the old (well, I think it is old) saying: "Have bass, will travel". His first gig was in Malawi. Subsequently, Mike has played in places as far afield as Cairo, Prague, and Vienna. And (his words) he has been lucky enough to have played with numerous bands and musicians over the years including Chris Barber, Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball, George Melly, and even Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. Masterful and modest, that's Mike...

When Mike is not globe-trotting with his bass, he spends his time paragliding, motorcycling, and doing the Times crossword. What, all at once Mike? Gotta see that...

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