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FiddleBop disbanded in December 2017. So this website is about the band-that-was...

Many and sincere thanks to all those who came to our gigs, during a hugely memorable thirteen or so years. We loved making music for you.

But we ain't done yet! Roger continues to gig with several jazz bands; Martin leads regular Hot Club of King's Sutton jazz sessions; and Jo and Dave are working on a new musical venture (watch this space!)

FiddleBop plays hot jazz swing with gypsy zing! Sparkling songs; terrific tunes; the wit, repartee and banter of the rip-roaring 1930s... brought bang up to date.

Skilled musicians and singers all, we make music that is exciting, passionate, powerful, and mightily rhythmical, yet with the delicacy that comes only from acoustic instruments. FiddleBop guarantee to get feet a-moving and hearts a-beating!

Male and female vocals, violin, flute, guitars, and double bass; and our own high-quality PA and lights.

Some recent FiddleBop gigs:

And we cost less than you might think! Why not email us or phone us (01982 560726 or 07968 950870) for a quote? Or contact us via Django’s Jazzers Last Minute Musicians?

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Hot Jazz Swing with Gypsy Zing!