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FiddleBop’s musicians

FiddleBop disbanded in December 2017. Thank you, all who came to our gigs!

Dave Favis-Mortlock:
violin, flute and vocals

FiddleBop's violinist Dave Favis-Mortlock FiddleBop's rhythm guitarist Jo Davies

Jo Davies:
rhythm guitar and vocals

Martin Crowder:
guitar, banjo and vocals

FiddleBop's lead guitarist Martin Crowder Roger Davis: FiddleBop's double bass player

Roger Davis:
double bass

FiddleBop’s guest musicians

Esther Ng:
double bass

Esther Ng on double bass Mike Bennett on double bass

Mike Bennett:
double bass

Charlie Fothergill:

Charlie Fothergill, guest clarinet player for FiddleBop Hannah Porter, guest flute player with FiddleBop

Hannah Porter:

Hot Jazz Swing with Gypsy Zing!