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FiddleBopper Paul Stevens

Now with added beard! Paul on keyboard: a sunny day, summer 2020 Keyboard wizard Paul Stevens

The wonderful playing of keyboard wizard Paul Stevens is fluent, rhythmic, blues-soaked, soulful... just perfect for FiddleBop's "Gypsy jazz re-imagined"! Paul sings too, both solo and in harmony. And you can hear his musical compositions at any FiddleBop gig. He is also a fine guitar player.

Brecon-based Paul is a well-travelled wandering troubador. Born in Wales, and with a musical family background, Paul has played keyboards in many bands, and in even more countries. Europe, Asia... even the high seas (one of the least exotic occasions being a rendition of the "Moonlight Sonata" on the Southampton to Brittany ferry).

And the man has green fingers too! Paul's lovely garden

As a result of all his musical travels, Paul is equally at home playing jazz, blues (a thread which runs though much of his playing), ska, rock and pop. Paul just loves to make music. If you are in Brecon, you might be lucky enough to catch him participating in a jam session or an open mic session. Or — best of all — playing with FiddleBop!

Paul, shaved. Brrrr, chilly!

And when he is not tickling those ivories, or playing his guitar, then you might find Paul in his favourite Brecon pub, or relaxing in his colour-filled and productive urban garden (thanks a lot for the beans Paul, very tasty!).

But no matter where he is, the chances are that Paul is thinking about music.

Not long ago, he had his beard and hair shaved for charity. Throughout the dramatic scissoring, you can be sure that Paul was tapping his feet to some inner beat...

Go, Paul! Encore un fois!

Gypsy jazz re-imagined!